claire love wilson & minah lee_Climate change project

Climate Change project

FurryN@vel Performing Arts Collective was part of Boca Del Lupo's Climate Change residency during the summer of 2016.
Minah Lee in collaboration with Claire Love Wilson and Matthew Ariaratnam

Minah Lee & Claire Love Wilson_hopbopshop residency


Claire Love Wilson & Minah Lee during their creation residency in August 2015 at Battery Opera's HopBopshop. Photo by Ash Tanasiychuk

Brenennan Campbell and Minah LEe

The Lovers Inside Boa Constrictor

FurryN@vel's 2015 Summer residency
at The Cultch, Vancouver
During the month of July, Minah Lee, Brennan Campbell, and Daryn Cassie developed a project that is a mixture of storytelling, live installations of found objects, video projection, audio, mobile app, and live interactions.