Lovers In BC

The opening scene, MOON,  from The Lovers Inside Boa Constrictor – Outsider Arts Festival, Roundhouse Community centre, Vancouver, AUG 12, 2018

Videography by Asad Yahya

The Lovers Inside Boa Constrictor (2018)

How do people stay inside one another’s hearts when the society excludes some as “outsiders” unfitting the system of privilege and normativity that divide peoples by its discriminative values?

The performance was the artists’ marriage ceremony, honeyNoon, and a festive protest toward an awareness of the exploitative aspects of immigration systems.  

Created and performed by Minah Lee & Riley Anderson

Musical appearances by Jason Anderson & Christina Glover

Winston Szeto (司徒永業)from Ming Pao Daily News wrote a Chinese article about our ceremony. Read the article in PDF.

this is not a marriage frog