Claire Love Wilson & Minah Lee joined by Ben Brown meet at the battery opera’s HopBopshop. What will be the chemical result? We are experimenting with mixology to create a special concoction to beat the heat and the drought. We have two weeks to invent this cocktail, and then you will be invited to taste our happy hour kool- aid served over colon- ice.

Distilled through an exquisite heat, the ingredients will be as follows:
soleless shoes & shoeless solace, R&L, shutter & shudder, comfort choke hold & comfort cradle credit, ribs & lips, sleeping night & sleepless bag, fare paid zone & unceded territory, 할머니& Teddy, jobby& 똥, haircut & hairball, dry pants & wet paint, Seoul & soul, fat back & flat black, Mother Earth & Popeye, and their Indigo Children.


Open Studio: Aug 21st Friday,  joined by Ben Brown
Show Case: Aug 22nd Saturday
12:30pm (Doors at Noon) &23rd Sunday 3pm(Doors at 2:30). ‘Happy hour’ for a glass of our Coolonijuice after or before your weekend’s brunch.