Piece of Cake

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image by minah lee


We’ll Need A Piece of Cake Before We Die

Writer/ Producer/ Performer

Piece of Cake is a visual and physical articulation of bitter matters, missiles in our veins. A missile is launched by a power struggle that has lost its balance, and we know where it lands in our body. The Heart. Humiliation and sense of isolation becomes the heart’s false army. A battle between an individual’s identity and the desires of the masses is described with storytelling, multimedia, and visceral language in different forms.


At the Revolver theatre Festival 2014 (Upintheair Theatre), Site-specific show in the Founder’s Lounge at The CuItch, Vancouver. May 16-24th

Hey boy, wanna come be a zombie for a few hours today?

i am jumping on the ground and looking up the sky.

Everyone seems dead here and i don’t know where i belong.

i am a fool, but you may know the answer.

I will throw my marker. You tell me my fortune.

Hop Skip Jump

Hop Skip Jump

Hop skip Jump  

Text & Songs written by Minah Lee
Devised & Performed by Alex Mah & Minah Lee
Video & Tech Designer/Operator: Terence Grigoruk
Live Music & Sound Design by Alex Mah
Lighting Consultant/Designer: Jonathan Kim
Movement Consultant: Arash Khakpour
Dramaturged by Terence Grigoruk
Videographer: Lain Kim
Rock ‘n’ Roller Publicity by Sean Marshall Jr.


Audio clip of an interview with Heather Redfurn

Zombie footage taken from Say What?! directed by Shane Nasmith

Produced by FurryN@vel_Performing Arts Collective

FurryN@vel Performing Arts Collective

FurryN@vel was founded in 2013 by creativist Minah Lee and technologist Terence Grigoruk. The collective investigates vitality of communication through art, and importance of art practices for individuals who are part of collectives. As Homo-AnimaLudens, we shine light on the everyday performativity and play through which we create culture, using a multimedia approach that incorporates text, objects, and bodies. We wel­come creative individuals from all backgrounds into the Collective, drawing inspiration through merging different experiences and perspectives to conjure something tangible for audiences.

Vandocument’s review on the show: Do Your Actions Make Me Who I Am?

Written by Kaylin Metchie

Excerpt from We’ll Need a Piece of Cake before We Die at The Cultch

Filmed by Lain Kim & Jono Kim

Photo by Lain Kim & Jono Kim

Excerpt from We’ll Need A Piece of Cake Before We Die at the 2014 Launch! Festival, Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, Vancouver

Re-created and performed by Minah Lee & Terence Grigoruk

Photo by Ash Tanasiychuk