Alice’s Adventure


Created by Minah Lee

Condensation: A Stage with Quiet Applause

Cinevolution Media Arts Society’s site-specific multimedia fest, Landsdowne Mall, Richmond, May 3rd-12th  

3 video channel installation – Pupil in the Dark Trilogy

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland (2007) is the first piece of Pupil in the Dark Trilogy. The series follows the passage of time as a mass of experience observed from different angles. The isolated mass began crystallizing with the artist’s relocation within a different nation and new culture.

The beginning piece of the Trilogy Alice’s Adventure is described by childish eyes. The children’s eyes are captured by adults’ logics, as if Lewis Carroll would interpret the young girl Alice’s dreams and desires. The feeling of dislocation and disorientation is expressed through nonsensical jokes and images that the small girl creates to make sense of her broken identity.

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland (2007) with glitch

Duration: 00:04:41