Created by Minah Lee in collaboration with Daryn Cassie (voice recording & duck voice)


Condensation: A Stage with Quiet Applause (2016)

Cinevolution’s site-specific multimedia fest, Landsdowne Mall, Richmond, May 3rd-12th

3 video channel installation – Pupil in the Dark Trilogy

Pupil in the Dark Trilogy follows the passage of time as a mass of experience observed from different angles.

The second mass of the series the Mirror (2015) dares you to take a look at the losses within ironies and failures of the capitalist ideology. The piece is secretly silenced under the cathedral of consumerism – beautiful and desirable shopping mall. The Mirror encourages us to reflect on the dark side of what fulfills the needs in our lives. The artist investigates a tragic phenomenon in her home country in the context of drastic economic growth that had monopolized the values of the society.

2018 & 2015

The performance version of the video was part of multimedia show – The Lovers Inside Boa Constrictor(2018) re-imagined by Minah Lee & Wryly Anderson, and was performed at studio MOOT. It was also part of FurryN@velPerforming Arts Collective’s The Lovers Inside Boa Constrictor showcased at the end of 2015 space residency at The Cultch. The showcase was performed by Brennan Campbell, Daryn Cassie, and Minah Lee